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ISMB 2003 Registration Now Open


Save $100USD by registering by May 23, 2003. Previous ISMB conferences have sold out one week after the early registration date.

Registration Fees
The conference fees include all scientific sessions, poster session, exhibit hall entrance, breakfast, lunches, receptions, and one copy of the ISMB 2003 proceedings. All fees include 10% GST.

On or Before May 23, 2003
Academia: $470USD (ISCB members)
$580USD (Non-ISCB members)
Student: $340USD (ISCB members)
$450USD (Non-ISCB members)
Corporate: $745USD (ISCB members)
$850USD (Non-ISCB members)

After May 23, 2003
Academia: $550USD (ISCB members)
$660USD (Non-ISCB members)
Student: $385USD (ISCB members)
$500USD (Non-ISCB members)
Corporate: $825USD (ISCB members)
$935USD (Non-ISCB members)

ISMB Registration
Web: www.iscb.org/ismb2003/reg.shtml

Tutorial Sessions (June 29, 2003)
Individuals may register for one or two optional tutorials. There will be maximum eight (8) concurrent sessions in the morning and
seven (7) maximum concurrent sessions in the afternoon. Please note: Tutorials may only accommodate a limited number of participants, consequently, some tutorials may sell out. It is recommended that participants sign up as soon as possible.

Price for one tutorial: $85USD
Price for two tutorials: $130USD

Morning Tutorials (8:30-12:30)

  • Bioethics for Bioinformaticists. Instructor: Wayne Hall
  • Introducing Workflow Integration of BioEnterprise Applications on a Java Platform. Instructor: Tin Wee Tan
  • Statistical Issues in Microarray Data Analysis. Instructor: Mark Reimers
  • Analysis of Regulatory Sequences Controlling the Expression of Gene Network. Instructor: Wyeth Wasserman
  • Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolutionary Analysis. Instructor: Graziano Pesole
  • Molecular Modeling: Building a 3D Protein Structure from Its Sequence. Instructor: Shoba Ranganathan
  • Mining the Biomedical Literature Using Semantic Analysis and Natural Language Processing Techniques. Instructor: Ronen Feldman
  • The EM Algorithm and Some of Its Applications in Molecular Biology. Instructor: Frederique Galisson

Afternoon Tutorials (13:30-17:30)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques for Bioinformatics. Instructor: Ajit Narayanan
  • Computational Approaches to Detecting Gene-Gene Interactions. Instructor: Jason Moore
  • Data Warehousing in Molecular Biology. Instructor: Vladimir Brusic
  • Microarray Data Normalization and Transformation. Instructor: John Quackenbush
  • Extracting Biological Information from System-scale Protein Interactome Data. Instructor: Sudhir Sahasrabudhe
  • Molecular Evolution: Evolutionary Dynamics and Molecular Biophysics. Instructor: David Pollock
  • Training and Support for Bioinformatics - Theoretical and Practical Aspects. Instructor: Eitan Rubin