Member and Corporate Contribution Opportunities

The 2004 membership registration process includes the opportunity to make voluntary, tax-deductible contributions to help fund ISCB’s many programs and services. If the idea of giving back to our community through a financial contribution to ISCB appeals to you, you’ll be pleased to see we have provided a variety of options, including the possibility of simply donating to the general resources fund to be allocated wherever needed most. We hope you will consider making a contribution to help ISCB maintain and expand on the many services provided to our members.

Additionally, if the opportunity to become a sponsor of the ISCB appeals to your organization as one that fulfills a social responsibility goal toward international outreach for the Life Sciences community, we want to hear from you. We are actively developing programs that jointly fulfill the needs of industry partners and those of the Society. All sponsorships are customized to meet the unique goals of each of our partners.

Details about voluntary contributions are included in the membership registration pages (see For information about corporate sponsorship opportunities please contact BJ Morrison McKay, Executive Officer, at