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Putting Students in the Spotlight

The Student Council is pleased to announce a new drive allowing students to increase their research visibility. We call this series of events the Student Council Symposiums (SCS). After Student Council events at ISMB 2005 in Detroit, we recognized that students would like to have more opportunities to meet other young researchers in their field and discuss their work. We hope that these symposiums will be a foundation for new and fruitful scientific interactions between students. These opportunities may be used by the participants for the further enhancement of their scientific careers.

This brings rise to the duality of these events, which incorporates aims of our Outreach and Business Relations Committees. The primary aspiration is targeted to young computational biologists who are attending ISCB-sponsored conferences. The second is based on those students who cannot make these events and wish to utilize the scientific resources of their region. These two separate styles will assist students on multiple levels by allowing discussion and advertisement of research, identifying colleagues, and building of research networks.

The first SCS kicked off on Wednesday, September 28, immediately preceding ECCB 2005 in Madrid. We initiated our own entire review process of student abstracts and have been pleasantly surprised by the quality and amount of abstracts submitted. We received over 60 abstracts in 7 different categories covering a wide range of topics within computational biology. From these our review team selected 20 for an oral presentation at the symposium and another 36 for poster presentation at ECCB. For more information on the 1st International Student Symposium in Computational Biology please visit http://www.eccb05.org/student.htm.

Also in planning is the first in the line Student Council sponsored regional symposiums. The ideal behind these venues are to recruit local universities, businesses, and governmental research facilities together for a large networking event. We consider that premise of such an event is created from what we call “The Three Musts”:

1. Students MUST be cognizant and take advantage of what options are available to them.
2. Universities and their faculty MUST be aware of the impact of training and niche of discipline and their necessary evolution.
3. Companies and Institutions MUST have some measure for quality of students and the reach of the ensuing research.

These guidelines are the manifestation of the Business Relations Committee’s Massive Action Plan.

We strive that the SCS provides a service to the society and other young computational biologists that is quite unique and worthwhile. If you are interesting in helping with these events please send an email to iscbsc@iscb.org.

Sanne Abeln (Chair of ISCB-SC Marketing Committee)
Victor Weigman (Chair of ISCB-SC Business Relations Committee)