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Bonnie Berger, MIT, winner of the ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award

ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award: Bonnie Berger

2019 ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award: Bonnie Berger

Bonnie Berger, Simons Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

The ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award recognizes leaders in the fields of computational biology and bioinformatics for their significant research, education, and service contributions. Bonnie Berger is being honored as the 2019 winner of the ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award.

Professor Bonnie Berger is the Simons Professor of Mathematics with a joint appointment in Computer Science, and Associate Member of the Broad Institute at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA, United States. She is also Faculty of Harvard and MIT Health, Science and Technology. She received her Ph.D from MIT in 1990 in computer science and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in applied mathematics in 1992.

After beginning her career working in algorithms at MIT, she was one of the pioneer researchers in computational biology and, together with the many students she has mentored, has been instrumental in defining the field. She continues to lead efforts to design algorithms to gain biological insights from recent advances in automated data collection and the subsequent large data sets drawn from them. Dr. Berger works on diverse areas, including Compressive Genomics, Network Inference, Structural Bioinformatics, Population Genomics, and Genomic Privacy.

She has co-authored over 185 scholarly research articles and has been invited to present at conferences in fields ranging from randomized algorithms and graph theory to computational Molecular Biology. Dr. Berger was recently elected to serve as a Member-at-Large of the Section on Mathematics at American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Over the years, she has received numerous honors including: election to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the NIH Margaret Pittman Director’s Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement & Lectureship, Biophysical Society's Dayhoff Award, Technology Review Magazine's inaugural TR100 as a top young innovator, ACM Fellow, ISCB Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering Fellow, American Mathematical Society Fellow, NSF Career Award and Honorary Doctorate from EPFL.


ISCB will present award winners Bonnie Berger (Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award), Christophe Dessimoz (Overton Prize), William Stafford Noble (Innovator Award) and Barbara Bryant (Outstanding Contributions to ISCB Award), at ISMB/ECCB 2019 (www.iscb.org/ismbeccb2019), which is being held in Basel, Switzerland, July 21-25. Berger, Dessimoz, and Noble will present keynote addresses during the conference.
Full bibliographical articles profiling the award recipients will be available in the ISMB/ECCB 2019 focus issue of the ISCB newsletter later this year, as well as the ISCB Society Pages in OUP Bioinformatics, and F1000 Research ISCB Community Journal.


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