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ISCB Wikipedia/Wikidata Competition

ISCB Student Wikipedia Competition

ISCB Student Wikipedia competition announcement 2021-22

ISCB announces its 11th annual international competition to improve the coverage on Wikipedia of any topic relating to ISCB’s Bioinformatics Core Competencies.

A key component of the ISCB's mission to further the scientific understanding of living systems through computation is to communicate this knowledge to the public at large. Wikipedia has become an important way to communicate all types of science to the public and the ISCB aims to further its mission by increasing the quality of Wikipedia coverage of related topics, and by improving accessibility to this information via Wikipedia.

The competition is open to students and postdocs, either as individuals or as groups.

The prizes for the best Wikipedia articles in any language provided by the ISCB will be:

• 1st prize - $500 (USD) and 1 year membership to the ISCB.
• 2nd prize - $250 (USD) and 1 year membership to the ISCB.
• 3rd prize - $150 (USD) and 1 year membership to the ISCB.

Competition entries open 01 September 2021
Competition ends 29 April 2022
Judging panel shortlisting May-June 2022
Announcement of winners July 2022 (at ISMB 2022)
To learn more or enter the competition, click here.