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ISCB Innovator Award

ISCB Innovator Award

The ISCB Innovator Award is given to a leading scientist, 10-20 years post-degree (or equivalent experience), who consistently makes outstanding contributions to the field of computational biology and continues to forge new directions.

ISCB recognizes that career paths may take many forms and that the definition of “early/mid-career” is fluid; supports researchers taking time off for maternity/paternity, care for a family member, an event of personal disability or other factors. A nominee may qualify for the Innovator Award even though their actual years since degree is above the set threshold. It is the responsibility of the nominator to indicate any time-off taken by the nominee when submitting the nomination form. ISCB may deduct the equivalent time for the maternity/paternity leave, care for a family member or personal disability from the set award thresholds using guidance established by the European Research Council (page 19, paragraph 5).


2024 ISCB Innovator Award:  Su-in Lee

Past ISCB Innovator Award Recipients
2023 Dana Pe'er
2022 Núria López-Bigas
2021 Ben Raphael, PhD
2020 Xiaole Shirley Liu
2019 William Stafford Noble
2018 M. Madan Babu
2017 Aviv Regev
2016 Serafim Batzoglou