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ISCB Mentored Computational Biology Programming

ISCB Mentored Computational Biology Programming

The ISCB Mentored Computational Biology Programming Award was created to provide up to two students with a fellowship to learn scientific programming and software engineering.

The winning submission will receive a cash award of $2000 USD and will be announced at ISMB/ECCB 2021.


How to Submit:

The mentee should submit a work proposal via the link below to include brief proposal (similar to a grant proposal) that is no more than 6 pages.  The proposal should clearly state the goals of the project, the timetable for development, the tools (language, libraries, etc..) that were used, a brief architectural overview and clear deliverables.  Make sure to submit the project along with support letter from your mentors.

*Special consideration will be given to mentor-mentee collaborations across disparate geographic regions, and to mentees from low-income countries*

Mentee/Mentor Eligibility Requirements:

  • Student mentee needs to be a current ISCB member.
  • Mentors need sufficient software development experience.
  • If the student’s existing supervisor is to be a mentor, an additional co-mentor is mandatory.  

Submission Requirements:

  • The projects can be part of the graduate project of the applicant.
  • The project should include a timetable & be finite: no more than 3 months.  


Submissions Closed.  Check back for updates.