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ISCB Society Pages Submission Guidelines

The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) Society Pages provide a valuable means for members of the computational biology and bioinformatics community to learn how to get involved in numerous ongoing activities that cover the full spectrum of research, education, and professional service.

ISCB Society Pages appear in ISCB’s official journals - PLOS Computational Biology and OUP Bioinformatics. Articles describe the specific programs of ISCB, highlight significant accomplishments of communities and individuals, and provide opportunities for those who oversee the Society’s activities to communicate their vision and plans. We welcome guest authorship for articles that highlight conferences, editorials on important research directions (full length review articles are not appropriate for the Society Pages), or other items of interest to the ISCB membership.

ISCB members wishing to submit to the ISCB Society Pages can do so by preparing a manuscript that conform to the following guidelines:

  • Up to two pages in length, two-columns, 11 point font – this does not include the title, authors, affiliations, images, and references; entire length including all elements may not exceed four pages.
  • Research perspective and conference summaries should provide an overview of the highlights, new challenges facing the field, and particularly interesting conclusions, rather than a detailed description of each presentation.
  • Corresponding Authors with contact information need to be included at the end of the manuscript.

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Licensing and Publication:

Manuscripts submitted for publication will follow a similar production timeline as scientific papers. This timeline is approximately two months in length, from time of acceptance to publication.

Each article will go through an editing process before the final manuscript is submitted for production. Editorial review will rest with the ISCB Society Pages Editors, the editorial team, and Editors in Chief of each journal.

Articles submitted to PLOS Computational Biology will be licensed under the Creative Commons license – CC-BY.

ISCB Society Pages submitted to OUP Bioinformatics are by default published under a standard license that allows the public to view the article for free. Alternatively, authors have the option to choose an Open Access license, either CC-BY or CC-BY-NC, for a fee of £850 / $1500 / €1275.

Please note that ISCB has a special agreement with the publishers. The process of publication is slightly different than normal submissions to the journals. Because of this, there is a time delay for online access to the article on a complimentary basis as some of the programming needs to be done manually. Corresponding authors of the article are responsible for communicating this delay to all other authors and their communities of interest.

ISCB will determine which of its journals is most appropriate for each article and will notify the author of its decision at the time of acceptance.

Adopted by the ISCB Board of Directors on 9 October 2014

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