Keynote Speaker - Kirk E. Jordan

Emerging Solution Executive
Computational Science Center
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

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Title: Hybrid Computers Need Hybrid Algorithms

Abstract: High performance computing (hpc) is a tool frequently used to understand complex problems in numerous areas such as aerospace, biology, climate modeling and energy. Scientists and engineers working on problems in these and other areas demand ever increasing compute power for their problems. In order to satisfy the demand for increase performance to achieve breakthrough science and engineering, we turn to parallelism through large systems with multi-core chips. Through the combination of hpc hardware coupled with novel algorithmic approaches, some efforts toward breakthroughs in science and engineering are described. While progress is being made, there remain many challenges for the computational science community to apply ultra-scale systems and multi-core systems to “Big” science problems with impact on society that until now or in current implementations have fallen short of the mark. In conclusion, precipitated by an overview of a tumor model example, some discussion not only on the most obvious way to use ultra-scale hpc systems will be given but also some thoughts on how one might use such systems in the future to tackle previously intractable complex problems.

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