Poster Session

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General Information:

  • Posters will be available for viewing on Saturday, December 6. There is one scheduled poster session this year, Saturday, December 6 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Poster Presenters should be available for presentation during the scheduled poster session.
  • There will be no pre-assigned poster boards, please place your poster on any available boards in the Room.
  • The poster board dimensions are 4' high x 6' wide. Tacks will be provided
    for securing your poster to the board.


Saturday: December 6, 2008
8:00 am - 1:00 pm
Presenter/author set up posters
Saturday: December 6, 2008 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Poster Session/Reception with presenter/author
Location: Eldorado A&B Room,
Silvertree Hotel
Sunday: December 7, 2008 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
Presenter/author remove posters

Rocky Conference Coordinator
Stephanie Hagstrom

Poster Presenters and Abstracts
(updated 11/13/08)

PDF listing of the Poster Presenters and Abstracts - Click here

Listed in alphabetical order by presenter's last name:

Sajia Akhter, San Diego State University
Shannon's Uncertainty and Kullback-Leibler Divergence in Microbial Genome and Metagenome Sequences

Edward E. Allen, Wake Forest University
A Comparison of Next-state (dynamic) and Co-temporal (static) Modeling of Time Course Data: Multiple Approaches Provide Complementary Information

Ramy Aziz, Cairo University
Computer-based Determination of ETEC Pathotype-specific Genes to Discover Targets for Molecular Diagnosis and Reverse Vaccinology

Peter H. Baenziger, Indiana University School of Medicine
Extended Analysis and Prediction of Gain and Loss of Phosphorylation Sites in Cancer

Angshuman Bagchi, Indiana University School of Medicine
Analyses of Features for Prediction of Protein-protein Interactions in Protein Hetero-complexes and Their Impact on Human Disease

Shweta Bhandare, University of Colorado Boulder
Discovery of HuR Binding Sites Using a Machine Learning Approach

Ljubomir Buturovic, Pathwork Diagnostics, Inc.

An Empirical Evaluation of Relevance Vector Machine for Gene-expression-based Cancer Diagnostics

J. Gregory Caporaso, University of Colorado Denver
Sequence Cooccurrence and Covariation Suggest Specific Physical Interactions Between Type VI Secretion System Components

Shweta S. Chavan, UALR / UAMS Joint Bioinformatics program

Natbox: A Network Analysis Toolbox in R

Argon Chen, National Taiwan University

Statistical Data Mining and Its Applications to Microarray Analysis

Judith Cohn, Los Alamos National Laboratory
BIOGRAM: Algorithms for Identifying "Similar" Proteins by Functional Annotation

Jessica Dantzer, Indiana University School of Medicine Center

Molecular Characterization of Insertional Mutagenesis Sites in Gene Therapy Studies

Elizabeth Eskow, University of Colorado Boulder

Co-evolutionary Analysis of Mediator: a Multi-subunit Protein Complex

Uday S. Evani, Indiana University
Using Protein Functional Features to Predict Deleterious Mutations Using Saturation Mutagenesis Data

Suzanne Gallagher, University of Colorado
Graph Theoretic Properties of Known Complexes

David Gnabasik, University of Colorado Boulder
Optimizing Proteomic Biomarker Discovery – Incorporating Prior Experimental Data

Chirayu Goswami, Indiana University
PHYLOCLUST – A Web Based Service for Clustering Human Genes Using Evolutionary Distances as Clustering Features

Jamison R. Hemmert, Indiana University
Laboratree: Extensible Basic Research Application and Data Management Using the OpenSocial Platform

Stacy Hung, Hospital for Sick Children
Reconstructing the Metabolic Network: a Probabilistic Approach to Improve Enzyme Prediction

Shubham Jain, Jaypee Institute of Infomation Technology
An Efficient Approach to Protein Folding Trajectory Analysis

Kishore Kamati, Indiana University
MutDB: Enhanced Biochemical Analysis of Structural and Functional Features of Genetic Variations

Hyunmin Kim, University of Colorado
A Motif-based Phylogenetic Mixture Model for Discriminating Transcription Factor Binding Sites

Michael Knudsen, Bioinformatics Research Center
An Algebraic Topology Approach to the Classification of Protein Domain Structures

Vidhya Krishnan, Indiana University
A Functional Analysis of Novel Non-synonymous SNPs in the Thailand SNPs Discovery Project

Robert Leaman, Arizona State University
Beyond Dictionary Match for Disease Named Entity Recognition

Chang Liu, The University of Hong Kong
CADEG, a Set of Software Tools for High Resolution Identification of Potential Chromosomal Abnormalities

Sean Mooney, Indiana University
Predicting Molecular Functions Disrupted by Mutations Using In Silico Functional Profiling

Matthew Mort, Cardiff University
The Human Gene Mutation Database (HGMD) and its Biomedical Exploitation

Joy A. Nellis, Indiana University
Enabling Basic Biomedical Core Services Using Informatics: Experiences Developing a Fee-for-service Bioinformatics Core

Eric Neumann, Science Commons, MIT
A Semantic Architecture for Biologics Research at Merck

Mary J. O'Connell, Dublin City University
The Phylogeny of the MHPs and Beyond

Brandon Peters, IU School of Medicine
COBRA: A Web-based Tool for Genotype/phenotype Data Management.

Pere Puigbo, National Center for Biotechnology Information, National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health
Insights on the "Oaks" of the Forest of Life

Peter Salamon, San Diego State University
Category Theory and the Notion of Natural in Bioinformatic Models

Craig Sanders, Indiana University
A HUB for Indiana's Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute

Trevor Sarratt, University of Tulsa
Towards a Multi-Level Calculus for Cellular Modeling and Simulation

Peter Serguta, Indiana University
OSIRiS: An Open Source PHP-Based Laboratory Management System

Elena K. Shematorova, Russian Academy of Sciences
Expression Profiles of Human PMS2-Related Genes: Bioinformatics and Experimental Studies

Heesun Shin, Simon Fraser University
Application of Next-generation Sequencing Technology for Comparative Transcriptome Analysis in the Nematodes C. Elegans and C. Briggsae

George V. Shpakovski, Russian Academy of Sciences
Hominoids-specific Molecular Evolution of PMS2 Gene Family and its Possible Biological Implications

Shaneka Simmons, Jackson State University
Abundance Of Universal Stress Protein Family In Finished Prokaryotic Genomes

Hongyan Song, Hospital for Sick Children
Modelling Elastin Self-Assembly

Jason A. Stowe, Cycle Computing
Analysis of Workflows on Inexpensive, Massive Comptuational Grids in the Cloud

Cory Strope, University of Nebraska

Biological Sequence Simulation For Complex Evolutionary Hypotheses

Pooja Strope, University of Nebraska
Identification of Candidate Nuclear Receptors and Sterol Sensing Domain Proteins in the Eukaryotic Species using Multi-domain Information

Michael P. Verdicchio, Arizona State University
Learning Causal Relationships between Genes from Steady State Data: Algorithms, Simulation and Application

Joshua Waymire, Indiana University
Using the OpenSocial Platform to Develop Open, Exchangeable Web Based Biomedical Research Applications

Dana Willner-Hall, San Diego State University
Metagenomic Signatures of 86 microbial and Viral Metagenomes

Brant Wong, Affymetrix, Inc.
Copy Number Probe Selection Using a MIP Assay

Abdullah al Zahrani, Fish Farming Centre

Gene Silencing Score

Faiz ul haque Zeya, Bahria University
Decision Tree and Neural Network Based Cancer Diagnosis Tool Canny Cancer Detector

Yiqiang Zhao, Indiana University
Improving the Prediction of Regulatory SNPs Using Functional Information