Keynote Speaker - Chris Shaw

Simon Fraser University

Biography (.pdf)

Title: Visual Analytics and Flow Cytometry Visualization using SFA

Co-authors: Ryan Brinkman

Abstract: This talk will briefly introduce the field of Visual Analytics, which is the science and technology of visually analyzing data. It concerns the perceptual and cognitive aspects of developing knowledge about the phenomena represented in large sets of data. The other primary component of this new field is the development and discovery of new computational techniques for investigating and managing data collections.

In this vein, we present a new system for visualizing Flow Cytometry data in 3 and higher dimensions using the Stereoscopic Field Analyzer (SFA). SFA is a minimally immersive interactive system for 3D visualization of multivariate data. SFA uses perceptually motivated rendering to increase the quantity and clarity of information displayed. Proprioception, stereopsis, perceptually-motivated shape visualization, and three-dimensional interaction are combined in SFA to allow 3D visualization, manipulation, navigation, and analysis of multivariate, time-varying flow cytometry data.

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