Keynote Speaker - Edward H. Shortliffe

Professor, MD, PhD
Department of Basic Medical Sciences
Department of Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Arizona, Phoenix

Biography (.pdf)

Title: Biomedical Informatics: Its Scientific Evolution and Future Promise

Biomedical informatics is the scientific field that deals with biomedical information, data, and knowledge – their storage, retrieval and optimal use for problem solving and decision making. The field has broad applications across all of biomedicine, ranging from molecular and cellular processes (bioinformatics) and the management of structural or visual information about tissues and organs (imaging informatics) to patient-oriented tasks (clinical informatics) and population-based policy and analysis (public health informatics). All these areas of application draw upon core methods from the discipline that defines its scientific base.

In this presentation, Dr. Shortliffe will review the nature of the field, emphasizing its relationship to the worlds of engineering and computer science and the ties between clinical informatics and bioinformatics. Practical issues in the use of informatics techniques will be summarized, ranging from the need for more individuals trained at the intersection of computer science and biomedicine to the recurring barriers to systems implementation. Drawing on his perspective as a recent medical school dean, he will look to the future of the field, the major challenges that we face, and the role of the field in the training of physicians and other health professionals. Career opportunities and emerging enablers for the discipline's growth and influence will also be discussed.

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