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Following last year's revised process for President-Elect elections, which started online approximately two weeks before ISMB/ECCB in Vienna, and then continued online and in-person during the conference, we are now once again in the midst of our annual elections. This year the pool of candidates is much larger, as it includes the ISCB Officer positions of Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, plus the Student Council leadership positions of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Representative to the ISCB Board of Directors.

All members are highly encouraged to participate in the process by casting their online ballots from the privacy of their homes or research labs/offices, or, if attending ISMB 2012 in Long Beach, by visiting the "voting booth" adjacent to the ISCB booth in the exhibition area. The online voting site opened on July 3rd, and can be accessed at www.iscb.org/elections until the close of ISMB 2012 on July 17th. Members simply login to the elections site and vote for their candidates of choice. The voting booth is intended to make the activity of voting as inviting and easy as possible, and each voter will walk away with a sense that they participated in an important aspect of their ISCB membership by helping to select our future leaders.

The Officer election results require ratification by the ISCB Board of Directors, as per the Society's bylaws. This year we will do this through a special process in August (the Board does not typically meet in August), with the final outcome announced via the ISCB home page shortly thereafter. Be sure to visit www.iscb.org by the end of August to see if your chosen candidates have won.

Most importantly, we thank you in advance for your participation!