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Events and Opportunities of Interest
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DIMACS Special Focus on Computational Molecular Biology
DATE: September 2000-August 2003
UPCOMING EVENT: Protein Domains: Identification, Classification and Evolution Dates: February 27-28, 2003; DIMACS Center, Rutgers, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
URL: dimacs.rutgers.edu/Workshops/index-compmolecbiol.html

European Conference on Computational Biology 2002 (ECCB 2002)
DATE: October 6-9 2002
URL: www.eccb2002.de
ABOUT: The ECCB conference provides an opportunity to present cutting edge research in computational biology. This multi-disciplinary conference bridges computer science, molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmaceutics, and medicine by bringing together involved scientists from all over the world.
CONTACT: ECCB.organizers@bioinf.uni-sb.de

BioDigital 2002: International Trade Fair and Conference for Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and Microarrays
DATE: October 9-11, 2002
LOCATION: Messe Freiburg in Freiburg/ Breisgau, GERMANY
URL: www.biodigital.de
ABOUT: Systems Biology, Protein Microarray, DNA Chips, Bioinformatics. The connection of trade fair and top-class conference of the BioDigital 2002 offers an interesting panel for science and business decision makers in Microarray technology and Bioinformatics.
CONTACT: +44-0-20-7017-5069; +44-0-20-7017-4822 (fax)

WORKSHOP: Computer Graphics and Visualization Techniques for Medical Applications — University of Colorado
DATE: October 18, 2002
URL: www.cudenver.edu/ccb/workshops.html
ABOUT: Designed to acquaint researchers in medicine and bioinformatics with new computer graphics, visualization and interactive techniques.

COPE ‘02: IZKF Muenster Workshop on Comparative Analysis of Protein Evolution

DATE: October 24-26, 2002
URL: www.izkf.uni-muenster.de/cope2002
ABOUT: Designed to bring together researchers from biomedicine with an interest in specific protein families, and researchers from bioinformatics who analyze the evolution of proteins.

CALL FOR PAPERS: 3rd IEEE Symposium on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering
DATE: October 28, 2002
LOCATION: Washington DC Area, USA
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: March 10-12, 2003
URL: www.cs.msstate.edu/~bibe
ABOUT: The BIBE Symposium provides a common platform for the cross fertilization of ideas to help shape knowledge and scientific achievements by bridging bioinformatics and bioengineering through an interactive forum.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Journal of Parallel & Distributed Computing, Issue on High-Performance Computational Biology
Deadline: November 15, 2002
URL: www.academicpress.com/
ABOUT: Aimed to provide a forum for the publication of important research contributions in developing high-performance computing solutions to problems arising from molecular biology.
CONTACT: Editors: Srinivas Aluru — aluru@iastate.edu; David A. Bader — dbader@eece.unm.edu

Standards and Ontologies for Functional Genomics (SOFG)

DATE: November 17-20, 2002
URL: www.wellcome.ac.uk/hinxton/sofg
ABOUT: MGED-supported conference to bring together the scientists who are developing standards and ontologies for describing high-throughput functional genomics experiments and those who are using these new tools. .
CONTACT: +44 -0-1223-495002; +44 -0-1223-495023 (fax); nicky.clarkson@hinxton.wellcome.ac.uk

Invitation to the 3rd International Conference on Systems Biology: The Logic of Life
DATE: December 13-15, 2002
LOCATION: Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, SWEDEN
URL: www.ki.se/icsb2002/
ABOUT: ICSB 2002 will feature experimental, computational and theoretical advances in the rapidly advancing fields of gene expression acquisition technologies, gene expression data analysis, functional analysis of biological control systems, proteinomics, modeling and analysis of kinetic networks, metabolomics, signal transduction, morphogenesis, and much more.

First Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference Within Australia
DATE: February 4-7, 2003
URL: www.fit.qut.edu.au/~chenp/APBC2003
ABOUT: Database management, artificial intelligence, data mining, and knowledge representation can provide key solutions to the challenges presented by biological data. Opportunities are emerging to integrate molecular biology components of bioinformatics with computational, physiological, morphological, taxonomic, and ecological components. Addressing this challenge will facilitate the way life science researches retrieve, analyze and visualize data and relationships in a collaborative work environment.
CONTACT: Dr. Phoebe Chen, +61-7-3864-1945; +61-7-3864-1969 (fax) (p.chen@qut.edu.au)

New Zealand Bioinformatics Conference
DATE: February 13-14, 2003
URL: bioconf.otago.ac.nz
ABOUT: This conference boasts something for everyone in bioinformatics. Workshops will cater to biologists and computer scientists. We will follow up with a series of seminars related to the areas of microarray analysis, phylogenetics and protein structure and function prediction.

ACM Symposium on Applied Computing — Bioinformatics Track
DATE: March 9-12, 2003
LOCATION: Melbourne, Florida, USA
URL: www.cs.iupui.edu/~bioin/
ABOUT: The biomedical information science and technology initiative report identifies the need for computational tools to meet important challenges in biomedical research. This track will address research issues related to any area of bioinformatics.

BioThailand 2003
DATE: July 17-20, 2003
URL: biothailand2003.biotec.or.th
ABOUT: The National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology will organize BioThailand 2003: Technology for Life featuring scientific meetings, trade show and the showcase of Thai biotechnology innovations.
CONTACT: 66-2564-6700; 66-2564-6701 to 5 (fax); biothailand2003@biotec.or.th


ISCB Members Receive a 10% Discount When They Register by November 8, 2002 for the Following Events:

Data Analysis and Visualization: New York City - December 3-5, 2002
This event focuses on approaches and strategies in determination of gene expression—integrating advancements in microarray and visualization technologies with applications ranging from the research lab to the clinic. Benefit from keynotes, case studies and interactive discussion with leading industry and research organizations.
Register: www.melifesciences.com/ISCB5.htm email: conferences@marcusevansch.com

Executive IT Life Science: New York City - December 3-5, 2002
The 2nd semi-annual forum designed to address the IT challenges of the life-sciences industry, and allow senior executives the opportunity to discuss, strategize and offer solutions to the ever-changing IT landscape in the pharmaceutical and biotech markets.
Register: www.melifesciences.com/ISCB3.htm email: conferences@marcusevansch.com

Bioinformatics in Systems Biology: New York City - December 3-5, 2002
This event focuses on applying bioinformatics to the study of biology as an integrated system—Maximizing the technological advances to integrate, analyze, and manage data from the complex systems responsible for all biological functions.
Register: www.melifesciences.com/ISCB4.htm email: conferences@marcusevansch.com

Knowledge Management for R&D: New York City - December 3-5, 2002
This event focuses on knowledge management platforms and strategies, essential to enhancing R&D. Workshops, case studies and panel sessions will uncover the answers to leveraging collaborative knowledge distribution to ensure intelligent drug discovery and design.
Register: www.melifesciences.com/ISCB1.htm email: conferences@marcusevansch.com


New Distance Learning Professional Masters Program in Biomedical Informatics
URL: smi-web.stanford.edu/academics/
ABOUT: The Biomedical Informatics training program at Stanford University will offer a professional Masters degree beginning Spring 2003. The professional MS program is designed so students may remain fully employed while studying for their degree. Students accepted into the program may enroll part-time with up to 5 years to complete the program. It is possible to fulfill the requirements for the degree on-line through courses delivered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

DIMACS — Celera Genomics Graduate Student Award in Computational Biology
URL: dimacs.rutgers.edu/SpecialYears/2000_2003
ABOUT: Nominations requested for a graduate student award as part of the DIMACS Special Focus on Computational Molecular Biology.
CONTACT: +1-732-445-5928; +1-732-445-5932 (fax); center@dimacs.rutgers.edu

Oxford University Launches part-time MSc in Bioinformatics
DATE: October 2002
URL: www.conted.ox.ac.uk/bioinformatics
ABOUT: Oxford University will launch a new, part-time M.Sc. in Bioinformatics October 2002 for those with a mathematical background and/or biological knowledge. The program is designed for individuals in full time employment in industry.
CONTACT: bioinf@conted.ox.ac.uk

Announcing Cluster Analysis of Gene Expression Dynamics (CAGED)
URL: chip.org/caged
ABOUT: Computer program for cluster analysis of gene expression data collected through microarray experiments. CAGED implements a Bayesian clustering method designed to handle temporal experiments and subsuming standard independent experiments as a special case.

New Graduate Program at the University of Alabama: Specialization in Bioinformatics
URL: www.cis.uab.edu
ABOUT: Jointly administered by computer science faculty and biomedical research faculty in the UAB Medical Center. In addition to the computer science graduate admission requirements, the specialization requires an approved background in molecular biology.

OUP Offers Free Online Trial of Human Molecular Genetics
URL: hmg.oupjournals.org/

University of Colorado Center for Computational Biology introduces its Certificate in Computational Biology
URL: www.uchsc.edu/sm/pmb/bioi/
ABOUT: CU Center for Computational Biology begins the program fall 2002. It feeds into two new computational biology options for the MS degree: computer science and applied mathematics which feed into the School of Medicine Ph.D. in analytical health sciences/bioinformatics.

Bioinformatics Training Program for Health Research
URL: www.bioinformatics.bc.ca
ABOUT: Trans-disciplinary program (offering learning streams leading toward certificate, MS, or PhD) designed and taught by leading researchers and their institutions in British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.
CONTACT: +1-604-707-5965; nstewart@bcgsc.ca

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Intl. Journal of Cooperative Information Systems
URL: www.worldscinet.com/ijcis/mkt/guidelines.shtml
ABOUT: This issue focuses is Data Management and Modeling Support in Bioinformatics. Papers describing state-of-the research including, but not limited to, the following areas are solicited: Database integration and interoperability; Information Modeling, metadata and data sharing; Multidatabase indexing and multidatabase queries; Data semantic and control; Ontology design; Knowledge discovery and datamining; Algorithms for large scale and distributed biological databases

American Heart Association (AHA)
The AHA supports research activities broadly related to cardiovascular function and disease, stroke, as well as basic science, clinical, bioengineering/biotechnology and public health problems. National Research Programs are offered bi-annually. Application deadline:January 13, 2003 Information and forms are available at www.americanheart.org/research


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