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volume 5, issue 3

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ISMB 2002 Overview

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2003 ISCB Membership Registration Now Open

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Application Deadline to Host ISMB 2004 or 2005

ISMB Goes Down Under

SGI Awards Best Paper and Best Poster Awards at ISMB 2002

CAPRI and ECCB Travel Fellowship Recipients

Bourne Receives Sun Convergence Lifetime Achievement Award

McKay: Executive Officer

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Application Deadline November 1, 2002: ISMB 2004 and 2005

Organizing Committee Requirements
The ISCB Conference Committee will be responsible for reviewing submissions from potential Organizing Committees to host the ISMB conference. The general qualifications and considerations for selecting an Organizing Committee to host the Annual ISMB conference are listed below.

  1. Organizing Committee Chair or Co-chairs must be senior in the bioinformatics field.
  2. Organizing Committee Chair or Co-chairs must have experience with chairing or participating on an organizing committee for a scientific conference.
  3. At least two Organizing Committee Members must have participated in past ISMBs.
  4. All Organizing Committee Members must be members of the ISCB.
  5. Organizing Committee must consist of members who have scientific credibility in the bioinformatics field and include international and gender diversity.
  6. Organizing Committee should have adequate support from the Local Organizing Committee to successfully organize the arrangements for the conference either through their own staff, student volunteers or by hiring an outside professional meeting planning company.
  7. Suggested conference location must have adequate conference facilities to meet the requirements of the conference. Facility must have high-speed Internet to be considered and a meeting room to accommodate up to 1800 people for lectures.
  8. Several Organizing Committee Members must be located in the same region as the conference location to manage the Local Organizing Committee arrangements.

Proposal selection will be based on the best proposal with consideration for geographical distribution of the conference. For additional submission specifics and historical data, see: www.iscb.org/word-docs/RFP2004_2005.doc.