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Awards Committee

The Awards Committee is responsible for the oversight of the ISCB awards program.  The committee is charged with advertising, processing, and distributing each award which it oversees; determining proper criteria as set forth by the founders of the awards; reviewing and selecting candidates who best meet the criteria of each award. The committee may also suggest new awards for approval by the ISCB Board of Directors.

    Cmte term expires:
Teresa Przytycka

2026 (as chair)
2027 (on committee)
Can Alkan
ISCB Member
Alex Bateman ISCB Member, Director, VP 2026
João Carlos Setubal ISCB Member 2026
Rita Casadio ISCB Member 2025
Alan Christoffels ISCB Member 2026
Marie-France Sagot ISCB Member 2026
Mona Singh ISCB Member 2026
Martin Vingron
ISCB Member 2024
Limsoon Wong ISCB Member 2024