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Fellows Council

Fellows Council

The Fellows Council is comprised of nine (9) Fellows who have made substantial contributions to ISCB (e.g. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Members of the Board, Committee Chairs) and whose demographic diversity characteristics reflect those of the ISCB Membership and Computational Biology Community, as far as possible. Fellows Council membership will be reviewed annually by the Fellows Council and Executive Committee to ensure this representation endures. Fellows on the Council can serve a term of up to 3 years with an option to apply for renewal for one further term. All ISCB Fellows with significant ISCB service will be eligible to apply to the Fellows Council. Other ISCB Fellows may be considered where other community citizenship (i.e. external to ISCB) merit their joining the Council.   

The Fellows Council selects the members of the Fellows Selection Committee (FSC) annually and shall ensure that the expertise of the FSC covers as broad a set of scientific themes as possible, and is comprised of a diverse nature taking into consideration gender, ethnicity, scientific expertise, geography, etc. The Council may solicit additional members to the FSC where there is not sufficient coverage of themes from volunteers and to ensure broad demographic representation. Volunteers are selected based on experience in review processes, their particular scientific field and demographic considerations.

As well as annually appointing the FSC in a meeting at ISMB (which may be hybrid), the Fellows Council will meet one more time in the Autumn to coordinate the annual ISCB Fellows Statement highlighting major developments in the field of computational biology for that year. They may also schedule additional meetings if they wish to coordinate reviews on selected topics, Fellows workshops or discussions to promote additional Fellow's activities

Chair: Alfonso Valencia, Director
Alfonso Valencia is the director of the Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute (INB-ISCIII). He serves as a member of the Board of Directors, and past Vice President and President from 2015 – 2018, and continues to serve on several Society advisory councils.  Additionally, he is the Co-Editor in Chief of the Bioinformatics journal.

Thomas Lengauer
Thomas Lengauer is Director Emeritus at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Saarbrücken, Germany.  He is the current Chair of ISCB’s Science in Society Committee, member of the Board of Directors, serves on the COSI Advisory Group, Conference Advisory Council, and is a past Vice President and President of the Society. Additionally, he is the Co-Editor in Chief of the journal Bioinformatics Advances which is co-owned by OUP and ISCB.  Thomas Lengauer is Fellow of ISCB and of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), as well as an elected member of the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the German National Academy of Science and Engineering acatech and Academia Europaea.

Christine Orengo
Christine Orengo is a Professor of Bioinformatics at University College London and an expert in structural bioinformatics, functional genomics and protein function prediction. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society, UK and an Elected Member of EMBO. She is the current presiding President of ISCB (term ends January 2024) and member of the Board of Directors. She also serves on the COSI Advisory Group, Conferences Advisory Committee, and Green ISCB Task Force.

Janet Kelso
Janet Kelso is a Group leader of the Minerva Research Group for Bioinformatics at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.  Janet is the current presiding Treasurer of ISCB and member of the Board of Directors.  She also serves as Chair of the Conference Advisory Council and the Communities of Special Interest Committee Additionally, she has served on the Awards Committee. Janet is also the Co-Editor in Chief of OUP Bioinformatics journal.

Terry Gaasterland
Terry Gaasterland is a Professor of Computational Biology and Genomics and Director of the Scripps Genome Center at the University of California, San Diego.  She is the current co-chair of the Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee, an ISCBsafe Liaison, member of the Board of Directors, and Equity Diversity and Inclusion Committee.  She is also the founding Societal Secretary and past Vice President.

Teresa Przytycka
Teresa Przytycka works as a senior investigator in the Computational Biology Branch of the National Center for Biotechnology Information, where she heads the Algorithmic Methods in Computational and Systems Biology section.  She serves as a member of the Awards Committee and Fellows Selection Committee.  She has also served as ISMB conference chair, proceedings chair, and area chair.

Laxmi Parida
Laxmi Parida is an IBM Master Inventor and group leader in computational genomics at the Thomas J. Watson Research Center and Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.   She is a current member of the Board of Directors and has served on the Fellows Selection Committee.

Xuegong Zhang
Xuegong Zhang is the Director of the Bioinformatics Division at BNRIST (Beijing National Research Center for Information Science and Technology) and Professor at Tsinghua University.  He is a current member of the Board of Directors and serves on the Fellows Selection Committee. Xuegong is Fellow of the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI).

Satoru Miyano
Satoru Miyano is a professor and the director of the M&D Data Science Center at Tokyo Medical and Dental University.  Satoru was the first Japanese to receive the ISCB Fellow designation.  He is also a past member of the Board of Directors. Satoru is an honorary member of the Japanese Society for Bioinformatics.