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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for overseeing Society peer-reviewed journals and publications. It advises the ISCB Board of Directors on matters related to editorial policies, editorial personnel, and publications strategies, including but not limited to the endorsement of journals, books and other publications that may be of interest to members. Committee members may serve a three-year term with the option for renewed terms

CHAIR: Ragothaman Yennamalli
Kiyoshi Asai
Phil Bourne
Yana Bromberg
Søren Brunak
Lynette Hirschman
Daisuke Kihara
Diane Kovats
Joanne Luciano
Daniel Masiga
Jill Mesirov
Sergio Pantano
Farzana Rahman
David Rocke
Haixu Tang
Alfonso Valencia
Olga Vitek
Harel Weinstein
Limsoon Wong