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Conferences Advisory Council

Functioning in an advisory capacity, the Council provides guidance to the ISCB Board of Directors on conference relationships, and meticulously reviews and grants approval for submissions to the collaborative conferences program, with a deliberate emphasis on fostering subject and regional diversity and endorsing innovative formats. Annually, the Council reviews the proceedings area of the flagship meeting and assesses the topics of ISCB official conferences to ensure ISCB’s conference portfolio is covering as many research areas as possible.  Additionally, the Council will be asked for guidance on the site location for ISMB, ISCB’s flagship meeting.

CHAIR: Janet Kelso
Bruce Aronow
Francisco Azuaje
Barbara Bryant
Søren Brunak
Paul Horton
John Kececioglu
Thomas Lengauer
Michal Linial
Jill Mesirov
Satoru Miyano
Chad Myers
Goran Neshich
Shoba Ranganathan
David Rocke
Indra Neil Sarkar
Reinhard Schneider
Donna Slonim
Olga Troyanskaya
Alfonso Valencia
Liping Wei
Lonnie Welch
Eric Xing