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ISCB Annual Awards & Competitions

Accomplishment by a Senior Scientist Award

The Senior Scientist Accomplishment Award recognizes a member of the computational biology community who is more than two decades post-degree and has made major contributions to the field of computational biology.

2020 ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist Award:  Steven L. Salzberg, PhD

Past ISCB Award Recipients
2019 Bonnie Berger
2018 Ruth Nussinov
2017 Pavel Pevzner
2016 Søren Brunak
2015 Cyrus Chothia
2014 Gene Myers
2013 David Eisenberg
2012 Gunnar von Heijne
2011 Michael Ashburner
2010 Chris Sander
2009 Webb Miller
2008 David Haussler
2007 Temple Smith
2006 Michael Waterman
2005 Janet Thornton
2004 David Lipman
2003 David Sankoff