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Exhibitor Booth Exhibitor
1   2
3 Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc 4 BioTeam Inc.
5 Cambridge University Press
7 BioMed Central
8 Springer
9 The MIT Press 10 PLoS Computational Biology
11   12 Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC)
13 ISCB Student Council 14 ISCB Student Council
15 International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) 16 International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)
17 IMGT-International ImMunoGeneTics Information System 18 CLC bio
20 Oxford University Press
21 CRC Press - Taylor & Francis 22 CRC Press - Taylor & Francis
24 RCSB Protein Data Bank
25 BIOBASE 26 Geneious Software-Biomatters Ltd
27   28  
29   30  
31   32  
33   34  
35   36  


Booth 2:

Hewlett Packard

As a world-leading information technology company, HP applies new thinking and ideas to create more simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology.  Our focus is to continuously improve the way our customers live and work through technology products and services, form the individual consumer to the largest enterprise.  More information can be found at www.hp.com


Booth 3:

Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc

ATL is a laboratory informatics firm that is launching a new product called SeqNFind™. SeqNFind™  is a unique hardware/software cluster system that leverages a multi-processing environment to do fast, accurate and complete short read genomic sequence alignments using a modified Smith-Waterman with GPUs to examine short read local alignments.


Booth 4:

BioTeam Inc

As a high-performance consulting practice, BioTeam delivers solutions to address the IT, storage, and data management challenges faced by scientists BioTeam enables science by bringing together technologies that turn research into results.


Booth 5:

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge's publishing in books and journals combines state-of-the-art content with the highest standards of scholarship, writing and production. Visit our stand to browse new titles, available at a 20% discount, and to pick up sample issues of our journals. Visit our website to see everything we do: www.cambridge.org/us/.


Booth 6:


FASEB MARC Program provides a variety of activities to support the training of minority students, postdoctorates, faculty and scientists in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. We offer travel awards for scientific meetings, research conferences, and student summer research opportunities programs. We also sponsor Career Development Programs including grantsmanship training seminars.


Booth 7:

BioMed Central

BioMed Central is the open access publisher committed to the free widespread dissemination of scientific research and publishing over 200 peer-reviewed open access journals, including BMC Bioinformatics and BMC Systems Biology. BioMed Central is part of Springer, one of the leading publishers of STM journals and books. Springer's booth is just next door.


Booth 8:


Stop by the Springer booth to get acquainted with our multi-format publishing model.  Get hands-on experience with Springer ebooks on one of the world’s largest STM content platforms, SpringerLink .  Test drive highlights online, in print, and on ebook readers.  Ask about your Springer MyCopy

Springer’s presence this year goes hand-in-hand with BioMed Central,  the world’s leading open access journals publisher.  See what our synergies in e-publishing mean for you.  BioMed Central’s booth is just next door.


Booth 9:

The MIT Press

The MIT Press publishes texts, monographs and journals in biology, computational biology and related fields. Please visit our booth and receive a 30% discount on all titles purchased.



Booth 10:

PLoS Computational Biology

PLoS Computational Biology (www.ploscompbiol.org) is one of seven open-access, peer-reviewed journals punblished by the Public Library of Science (PLoS), a nonprofit organization of scientists and physicians committed to making the world's scientific and medical literature a freely available public resource.



Booth 12:

Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC)

Computational Biology Research Center (CBRC) belongs to National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), which is the largest national research institute in Japan. CBRC has been conducting computational biology research and software/database development since 2001, and now over 100 researchers are working in CBRC.


Booth 13 & 14:

ISCB Student Council

ISCB Student Council (SC, www.iscbsc.org ) is an international network of young researchers in the broader disciplines of the field of Computational Biology. SC provides opportunities for networking, career enhancement and skills development for the next generation of Computational Biology leaders. The SC Symposium (symposium.iscbsc.org) is organized as a part of the annual ISMB conference with student presentations, keynotes, panel discussions and a poster session. The SC Career Central booth is an endeavor to address the needs of recruiters and job seekers at ISMB. We will also be providing resume critique services to students and post-docs searching for jobs.


Booth 15 & 16:

International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB)

The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB - www.iscb.org) organizes and hosts the Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB), now in its 18th year. The mission of ISCB is to advance the scientific understanding of living systems through computation. On behalf of its global membership, ISCB communicates the significance of our science to the larger scientific community, governments, and the public at large, thus impacting government and scientific policies.

Primary activities include providing high quality publications and meetings, and distributing valuable information about training, education, employment and relevant news from related fields. ISCB membership offers many benefits including reduced conference registration fees to several high impact conferences, most prominently ISMB, ECCB, PSB and RECOMB. ISCB proudly offers Bioinformatics and the open-access PLoS Computational Biology as its official journals, and publishes the ISMB conference proceedings in partnership with Oxford University Press in open-access format as part of a regular issue of Bioinformatics. In addition, ISCB members enjoy exclusive subscription discounts on a selection of journals related to computational biology and bioinformatics.


Booth 17
IMGT - International ImMunoGeneTics Information System

IMGT®, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®,
http://www.imgt.org, created in 1989 by Marie-Paule Lefranc (Université
Montpellier 2, CNRS) is the global reference in immunogenetics and immunoinformatics, specialized in the immunoglobulins (IG) or antibodies, T cell receptors (TR), major histocompatibility complex (MHC), IgSF and MhcSF and related proteins of the immune system.


Booth 18
CLC bio

CLC bio is the world's leading bioinformatics solution provider, focusing on delivering powerful, flexible, and user-friendly solutions to researchers working with high-throughput sequencing data from all major 2nd and 3rd generation sequencing platforms.


Booth 20

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press publishes some of the most prestigious books and journals in the world, including Bioinformatics, an official journal of the International Society for Computational Biology, Nucleic Acids Research, and Briefings in Bioinformatics. Visit our stand to browse books and pick up journal sample copies.
Visit us online: www.oxfordjournals.org.


Booth 21 & 22

CRC Press - Taylor & Francis

Chapman & Hall/CRC - Taylor & Francis Group publishes books, journals and electronic databases. Check out new titles in our mathematical and computational biology series (including Edwin Wang Cancer Systems Biology) and key titles from our Garland list, including Understanding Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology of the Cell. Take advantage of 15-25% (50% off selected titles) convention discounts.


Booth 23


The EBI’s resources allow bioinformatics researchers to capitalize on data from genomic and post-genomic projects. Building on over 20 years’ experience, we maintain and provide unrestricted access to a comprehensive range of biological data resources including EMBL-Bank, Ensembl, ArrayExpress, UniProt, PDBe, InterPro, IntAct, PRIDE, Reactome and ChEBI, as well as a host of bioinformatics tools.



Booth 24

RCSB Protein Data Bank

The RCSB PDB (www.pdb.org) and the PSI Structural Genomics Knowledgebase (kb.psi-structuralgenomics.org) are resources for studying the biological macromolecules and their relationships to sequence, function, and disease.



Booth 25


BIOBASE is a leading provider of biological databases and analysis tools. The BIOBASE Knowledge Library™ (BKL) includes BKL PROTEOME™ for disease and yeast research, BKL TRANSFAC®, for gene regulation research, the ExPlain analysis system, and the Human Gene Mutation Database® (HGMD), for inherited disease mutation data.



Booth 26:

Geneious Software - Biomatters Ltd

Biomatters is the company behind Geneious, inspirational software that combines leading DNA and protein sequence analysis tools into one revolutionary solution for biologists. Headquartered in New Zealand, Biomatters develops unique and easy-to-use bioinformatics software with a vision to improve science in disease research, human health and environmental issues.