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ISMB/ECCB 2023 Posterpalooza

Virtual poster programme
Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 20, 2023
Start time: 2:00 PM CEST (8:00 am EDT)

  • All posterpalooza presenters must upload their poster details between June 26 and no later than 5:00 pm (Eastern), July 7. No extensions. Upload includes MP4 poster presentation video (5-7 minutes), poster description annd PDF of poster.


This virtual event is designed to kick off the conference with a dedicated time to highlight the posters being presented.  Posterpalooza will feature flash talks from our poster presenters and well as the opportunity to connect with the authors.   Each day, the event kicks off with a welcome from ISCB CEO, Diane Kovats.  Flash talks will start at 2:10 PM CEST and poster presenters will be standing by until 5 PM CEST.

To embrace the truly global aspect of the conference and ISCB, poster presenters will be asked to indicate within the virtual platform their available times on July 19 and 20 to discuss their research. Those looking to engage with our poster authors, may schedule a time by clicking on the “Connect with Presenter” feature on the individual poster pages. Participants may also engage with the authors using the chat feature.

ISMB/ECCB 2023 Posterpalooza is an open-access virtual event. You do not need to be registered for the conference to take part in this specific component of the scientific programme. Please do keep in mind that access to the posters, authors, and commenting tools are limited to ONLY July 19 and 20 for those who are not registered for the conference.

Registration for Posterpalooza ONLY is available here: https://iscb.swoogo.com/ismbeccb2023-posterpalooza

Here’s what you need to know…

Connecting to the Platform

  1. Open a Chrome browser, while the platform will work on any internet browser Chrome is the best. 
  2. Go to https://iscb.junolive.co/ismb2023/Home
  3. Log into the platform in the upper right-hand corner. Remember you must use the email address you used during REGISTRATION.
  4. Take a moment to complete your profile.  
    1. Click on Icon in upper right-hand corner
    2. Click My Information
    3. BE SURE TO OPT IN to the question “Allow members to contact me”
    4. Click Save

Access the Flash Talks

To access the flash talks, navigate to the Scientific Programme.  The poster flash talks have been organized into thematic groups based on the research area.   To enter the “room”, click on the session title.  Once you are in the “room” the talks will start automatically at the designated start time.  

If you are having issues joining, please conduct a hard refresh of the browser.  If that does not work, we are standing by to assist.  Drop a message in the chat or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

During the Flash Talks, feel free to use the comment features to chat with one another.  To see who else is in the room, scroll own and click on the people icon directly below the player. 

Accessing the Posters

You can access the posters two ways:

  • Directly from the Flash Talk Session, scroll down and the posters associated with that research area are linked to the session


  • Via the Virtual Poster Hall – icon on homepage and title in on the top browser bar, click the title or icon and browse the posters at your leisure

Accessing the Authors

We have asked the authors to be standing by for questions and conversation on Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 20 from 2:10 – 5:00 PM CEST.  You can connect with the author by:

  1. Clicking on the connect with presenter icon located on the poster page
    1. This will launch a page where you can message or schedule a time to connect!
  2. Using the comment feature on the poster page
  3. Find the author in the Collaboration Hub – People, this area allows you to search for those participating in the meeting and send a message or set up a time to chat.

Authors will receive a notification via email and the notices within the platform when someone is wishing to connect with them. 

Tips and Tricks

Virtual Audience, we all need a break and caffeine fix. When a session ends, take a breather, but please remember to join a new session from the schedule!

Slides not changing? Refresh or try a different browser.

Unable to screen share while virtually presenting? Security upgrades can prevent screen sharing for unregistered apps - try adding the web browser to the list of permitted apps.

Updates happen - for best experience, please re login to browser at the start of every day and session!

If you are unable to connect, log out and login with a magic link (not password).
For the best virtual experience,  we recommend using the latest version of Chrome (https://www.google.com/chrome/).