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Poster News

SGI Poster Winners Annouced
214A. Using Structure and Sequence Information for Predicting Transcription Factor Binding Sites.
Tommy Kaplan, Nir Friedman and Hanah Margalit. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

87B. Automatic Classification of Protein Structures Using Gauss Integrals.
Peter Røgen1 and Boris Fain2. 1Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark and 2Department of Structural Biology, Stanford University, USA.

188B. Mauve: Multiple Genome Alignments.
Aaron Darling1,2 Bob Mau2,3 Frederick R. Blattner4 and Nicole T. Perna2. Departments of 1Computer Science, 2Animal Health and Biomedical Sciences, 3Oncology and 4Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
#The first two authors contributed equally to this work.

151B. Finding Biological Themes in Microarray-derived Gene Lists with EASE: the Expression Analysis Systematic Explorer.
Douglas A. Hosack and Richard A. Lempicki. Laboratory of Immunopathogenesis and Bioinformatics, SAIC Frederick.

64B. From RegulonDB to a Multigenomic Microbial Database of Operon Organization and Gene Regulation.
Salgado H, Sanchez-Solano F, Diaz-Peredo E, Gama-Castro S, Garcia-Alonso D, Perez-Rueda E, Jimenez-Jacinto V, Medrano-Soto A, Moreno-Hagelsieb G and Collado-Vides J. Nitrogen Fixation Research Center, Av. Universidad s/N, Cuernavaca, Morelos, 62210, Mexico.

48B. Modeling Genetic Regulatory Networks Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks.
Y. Zeng, R. Khan, J. Garcia-Frias and G. Gao. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Delaware.

164A. Expert-system based annotation strategies using GenDB, an open source genome annotation system.
Alice McHardy, Jan Kleinluetzum and Folker Meyer. Center for Genome Research, Bielefeld University

141A. G-language Genome Analysis Environment.
Kazuharu Arakawa1,2, Koya Mori11,3 and Masaru Tomita1,2. 1 Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University, 2 Department of Environmental Information and 3Graduate School of Media and Governance.

14A. A High Throughput Pipeline for Validating Novel Splice Variants Discovered Using Whole-Genome Junction Arrays.
Patrick Loerch, Chris Armour, Phil-Garrett-Engele, Ralph Santos, Zhengyan Kan, Jason Johnson and Daniel Shoemaker. Rosetta Inpharmatics.

237B. Atomic Reconstruction of Metabolism.
Masanori Arita. Computational Biology Research Center, Koto-ku Aomi 2-41-6, Tokyo, 112-0002, Japan.

Please click here to view all poster abstracts.

Poster Sessions.

Two poster sessions (A and B) will run consecutively during the conference. Formal poster sessions, when presenters will be available at their posters, will be held on Sunday (Session A) and Monday (Session B) evenings. In addition to these formal sessions, the posters will be exhibited on the Convention Hall floor for approximately 1.5 days for each session, to allow informal discussions to take place.

Session A. Saturday, 3rd - Sunday, 4th, August, 2002.

Posters can be mounted anytime on Saturday. Poster presenters will be available at their posters at the following times on Sunday evening:

Odd poster board numbers - 5:30-7:00p.m.
Even poster board numbers - 7:30-9:00p.m.

Poster removal - at the end of the Sunday evening session, or by 8:30a.m. on Monday, 5th August.


Session B. Monday, 5th - Wednesday, 7th, August, 2002.

Posters can be mounted on Monday morning. Poster presenters will be available at their posters at the following times on Monday evening:

Odd poster board numbers - 5:30-7.00p.m.
Even poster board numbers - 7:30-9.00p.m.

Poster removal - Wednesday, 7th August, in the afternoon.


Session A

Session B




Systems Biology



Functional Genomics



Structural Biology**



Data Visualization



Phylogeny and Evolution



Data Mining



Genome Annotation



Sequence Comparison



Predictive Methods



New Frontiers



**-includes Molecular Simulation

This year
ISMB 2002 has some outstanding facilities for poster displays and presentations. Poster presentations will describe original research  that involves the development and application of advanced computational methods for biological problems are welcome.

  • Authors were asked to submit two (2) versions of their poster abstract.

  • A 50 word abstract to be printed in the conference program  

  • A one page abstract, accessible from this page  

  • At least one of the poster authors must be present at the conference.  

  • Status of abstracts was emailed to authors around June 10, 2002.

  • The size of the poster boards is: Height 120 cm/ 4', Width 235 cm/ 8'

  • Velcro fasteners will be provided at the site, please DO NOT bring tape, tacks or pins.

  • Sorry, there will be no on-site power or web access for the posters. For
    anyone using a laptop computer at their poster presentation, a battery
    re-charging room will be available.

  • Maximum two posters per presenting author

All questions pertaining to the ISMB 2002 poster session should be directed to:

Poster Submission is Now Closed!

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