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Bioinformatics Journal
SIGSIM: Systems Biology of E.coli

Congratulations to the 2003 SGI Poster Winners

Domain-Domain Correlations in Yeast Protein Complexes
Doron Betel, Christopher W.V. Hogue

GOstat: Find Statistically Overrepresented Gene
Tim Beissbarth, Terry Speed

Efficiently Finding Regulatory Elements using Correlation with Gene Expression
Hideo Bannai, Shunsuke Inenaga, Ayumi Shinohara, Masayuki Takeda, Satoru Miyano

Melbourne Brain Genome Project
Seong-Seng Tan, Lavinia Hyde, Masters C, Gunnersen J, Kenshole B, Job C, Augustine C, Boon W-M, Brown M, Scott HS

Identification of Putative Transcription Factor Binding Sites Conserved Across Orthologous Human, Mouse and Rat Sequences
Alex Gouth, Tim Beissbarth, Joelle Michaud, Catherine Carmichael, Matthew Ritchie, Gordon

Identification of Putative Insulin Binding Motifs of the Insulin Receptor
Steve Bottomley, Jessica Mitchell, Brian Plewright, Erik Helmerhorst

Prediction of a Full Length Gene from Partial Sequence
Chung, Myungguen, Cho, Sooyoung, Ban, Hyojeong ; Kim, Hyun and Lee Youngseek

PSORT-B: A Web-based Tool for Bacterial Subcellular Localization Prediction
Jennifer L. Gardy, Cory A. Spencer, Fiona S.L. Brinkman

Genomics of Vertebrate Splicing Regulatory Elements
Gene Yeo, Shawn Hoon, Chris Burge

A DNA-Based Theorem Proving by Resolution Refutation
Ji-Yoon Park, In-Hee Lee, Young-Gyu Chai, Byoung-Tak Zhang

Congratulations to the 2003 ANGIS Poster Winners

GET3D, A Genomic Exploration Tool in 3D
John Gill

SEMA, A Semantic Literature Annotator
Alex Garcia, Cleary John, Mark A. Ragan, Yi-Ping Pheobe Chen

Long Time Scale Simulations of Molecular Systems
Benjamin Gladwin, Dr Thomas Huber