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Introducing the PLoS Track of Oral Presentations

A new and exciting feature of the ISMB 2006 conference is the PLoS Track of Oral Presentations, sponsored by the Public Library of Science and chaired by ISCB Vice President Barbara Bryant. One-page abstract submissions are being accepted now through May 1 at pdbrs7.sdsc.edu:8080/ISMB2006/start.do.

For this new track we are seeking work that has led to new biological results, and research that has advanced biomedicine. We are also interested in novel methodologies, including new algorithms and new kinds of biological data that are conducive to computational analyses. Particularly encouraged are submissions on works that are novel, that are applied, that are motivating to hear about and/or expand the subject areas that computational biologists traditionally have addressed.

Rigorous peer review of all submitted abstracts will result in the selection of nearly 30 full length talks (25 minutes each). Featuring outstanding science which might not otherwise be presented at ISMB, the PLoS Track will comprise at least one quarter of all selected talks at the conference. This is a particularly important addition to the scientific programming of ISMB 2006, potentially impacting the evolution of this conference series for the long term by attracting more biologists and featuring a focused track of specific biological results and applications to the conference.

There will be no published papers associated with the PLoS Track of Oral Presentations; however, abstracts will be included in the ISMB Program book and available on the ISMB 2006 website. Some authors, particularly in the biological sciences, may appreciate the opportunity to present their recent work while reserving first publication for another forum.

As the submission deadline is just days away, submit your abstract today!