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ISCB Membership

Late last year ISCB opened its annual membership registration site and began open enrollment for the 2006 membership year. Nearly 1000 members have enrolled already, a number that grows by the day as more renewing and first time members sign up. If you haven’t done so already, please visit the membership page to enroll now. Or, if you plan to attend ISMB 2006 in Brazil, you may choose to join ISCB during the conference registration process by following the links and completing the simple forms.

The beauty of this year’s membership registration is that for the first time in the nine year history of ISCB, all memberships span 12 full months from the date of enrollment, rather than expiring at the end of the calendar year as had been the case previously and is a standard among many scientific societies. Therefore, if you register today, your membership benefits will extend well into 2007, enabling you to capture significant conference discounts next year such as PSB and RECOMB before your need to renew again for another year.

In our effort to provide services and benefits that are relevant and keep pace with changing times, we ask that you tell us if the membership benefits listed below continue to serve your professional needs. Please let us know if there are other tangible benefits that would help us retain you as a member in the years ahead, or entice you to become a member if you have never joined before.

Current membership benefits include:

ISCB associated with the Public Library of Science in 2005 to publish the Society’s official journal, PLoS Computational Biology, an open-access journal freely available to everyone, everywhere. One author from every research paper published in the journal is entitled to a complimentary 12-month ISCB membership.

ISCB’s mission is to advance the understanding of living systems through computation. This serves not only those members of the global bioinformatics community who choose ISCB as their professional membership society, rather our mission extends far beyond our individual members and also provides valuable information and resources to our affiliated regional groups and the computational biology community-at-large. Examples of this are the online self-posting forms for sharing news about upcoming conferences and events, university degree/certificate programs, and announcements of new products, publications, and funding opportunities. Everyone is encouraged to utilize these self posting pages, members and non-members alike, as the postings help ISCB achieve its mission through broad based dissemination of valuable, relevant information that, bit by bit, advances the understanding of our science.

We hope if you are a past member whose membership has lapsed, either by months or by years, that you will join ISCB again soon, and encourage your peers to do the same. If you have never been a member we invite you to consider an ISCB membership as a step toward achieving a professional mission of your own, while enjoying the many benefits membership will bring to you.