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Public-Affairs & Policies

Public Affairs and Policies Committee

The Public Affairs and Policies Committee will interact with worldwide government agencies that fund bioinformatics research. The Committee, in partnership with other Societies where and when appropriate, will provide guidance to the government on policies related to bioinformatics and genomics, and will assist government agencies in defining bioinformatics funding programs. The Committee will also alert the ISCB Directorship and membership of government policy likely to impact our science, and to respond appropriately to feedback given.

CHAIR: Judy Blake
Co-CHAIR: Peter Karp

Russ Altman
Bruce Aronow
Matthew Bellgard
Howard Bilofsky
Philip E. Bourne
Barbara Bryant
Joel Graber
Nils Gehlenborg
Peter Karp
William Noble
Rick Lathrop
David Rocke
Derek Ruths
Reinhard Schneider
Taner Sen
Sylvia Spengler
Margaret Tumusiime
Greg Tucker-Kellogg
Alfonso Valencia
Lisa Vawter
Mary Waye
Michael Wise