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NIH/OD Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS)

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Tuesday, July 27th
Session I: The NIH Cloud Platforms Interoperability (NCPI) Efforts
Format: Live-stream

Moderator(s): Susan Gregurick

Presentation Overview: Show

The NIH plans to establish a federated, biomedical research data ecosystem
that includes cloud-based platforms to share research data with the broad
scientific community, and enable access and analyses across large datasets
residing on different platforms. Initiated in the fall of 2019, the NIH Cloud
Platform Interoperability (NCPI) effort (https://anvilproject.org/ncpi) aims to
establish and implement guidelines and technical standards to empower enduser
analyses across participating cloud platforms to facilitate the realization
of a trans-NIH, federated FAIR data ecosystem. This session will provide
details about NCPI’s progress and the challenges encountered so far to
facilitate interoperability of cloud platforms hosting human controlled access

Session II: FAIR Data/Repositories
Format: Live-stream

Moderator(s): Jennie Larkin & Ishwar Chandramouliswaran

Presentation Overview: Show

This session will focus on role of repositories, both generalist and domainspecific,
in the FAIR data repositories ecosystem.

Session III (Panel): Diversity in Data Science Training and Research
Format: Live-stream

Moderator(s): Karol Watson

Presentation Overview: Show

This panel will discuss social and ethical issues of data science; in particular,
the challenges and opportunities we face in the current stage of data science
training and research.

Wednesday, July 28th
Session IV: Open Research Software
Format: Live-stream

Moderator(s): Heidi Sofia

Presentation Overview: Show

As part of their research projects, investigators often produce innovative,
scientifically valuable software tools. Frequently, these valuable tools cannot
be supported long-term or are developed under conditions that aren’t optimal
for reuse. This session focuses on supported efforts to create robustness,
sustainability, and scalability of existing biomedical research software tools
and workflows.

Session V: Reproducibility & Re-use
Format: Live-stream

Moderator(s): Alex Bui

Presentation Overview: Show

This session will focus on Reproducibility and Reuse in Biomedical Data
Science, including research, development, application, and implementation of
data-driven methods, including artificial intelligence (AI)-based techniques
(e.g., machine/reinforcement learning). We will address challenges in the
development and translation of techniques within the biomedical data
sciences; currently existing tools and what efforts need to be taken to improve
upon them; as well as how we can proceed as a community to ensure
reproducibility and reuse.

Session VI (Panel): Bridging International Efforts in Data Science
Moderator(s): TBA

Presentation Overview: Show

This panel will highlight international efforts and programs that support FAIR
data sharing through international consortiums, networks, and programs.

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