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ISMB/ECCB 2021 - Distinguished Keynote

Eduardo Rocha

Eduardo Rocha

Genomes and Genetics
Institut Pasteur

Introduced by: Jacques Van Helden, Conference Co-chair
Time: Tuesday, July 27, 16:20 – 17:20 UTC
Presentation Title: TBD


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Eduardo Rocha studied Chemical Engineering and Applied Maths,  did a PhD in Bioinformatics and a Habilitation in Biology. He is the director of the Genome & Genetics department at Pasteur Institute, where he heads the Microbial Evolutionary Genomics lab since 2008. He is a Specialist in comparative genomics, in particular in the use of bioinformatics and biostatistics to study microbial evolution. His research aims at understanding how and why genomes are organized, and how such organizational features evolve in respect to genome dynamics and bacterial adaptation. In the last decade, his work has focused on the role of mobile genetic elements in shaping gene repertoires and driving functional innovation.