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Affiliated Regional Groups

Just as ISCB’s global membership has increased, new relationships with affiliated regional groups have formed and old partnerships have strengthened. ISCB has started an Affiliated Regional Group Program to promote bioinformatics as a scientific discipline, and increase public and governmental recognition of its importance.
ISCB is pleased to announce the following members of the Affiliated Regional Group Program (www.iscb.org/affiliates.shtml):

ISCB Affiliated Regional Group Program participants may benefit from the following:

  • Cross-visibility within one another’s web pages, conferences, journals, and bulletins
  • Affiliated Regional Groups may request access to facilities at ISMB—ISCB’s official conference—for regional meetings
  • Appointment of an ISCB Board member as affiliate point of contact (POC) to consider regional matters relevant to ISCB
  • Solicitation for nominations to ISCB’s Board from Affiliated Regional Groups through the Society’s regional POCs
  • Eligibility for support of regional activities: Travel funds for a recognized scientist in the field to lecture at a regional meeting or workshop; travel fellowships for scientists from the region to travel to ISMB

The ISCB—through its Affiliated Regional Group Program—is hopeful this effort will strengthen the bioinformatics community by providing a locality for mutual support to advance common interests of bioinformaticians at large. Members of regional bioinformatics and computational biology groups who consider affiliation with ISCB to be potentially beneficial for their organizations, are encouraged to contact admin@iscb.org for further information.