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ISMB 2002: Special Interest Group Meetings

Over the past 10 years, a number of smaller, more specialized meetings in computational biology have become regularly associated with the ISMB annual meetings. ISMB is pleased to have several special interest group meetings associated with the 2002 conference.

Bioinformatics Open Source Conference (BOSC): August 1-2 (9:00-17:00) Westin Hotel
BOSC is a two-day conference focusing on the development of open source software for the life sciences. Keynotes will be delivered by Michael Eisen, Winston Hide, and Ewan Birney. Leaders from many of the major open source toolkit projects will present progress reports and current applications of their toolkits. Additionally, the conference will include technical talks, a poster session, mini-tutorials, and software demonstrations, and Birds of a Feather gatherings to discuss specialized interests. More information (including a full speaker list) is available at www.open-bio.org/bosc2002/.

Biopathways: August 1-2 (9:00-17:00) Westin Hotel
The fourth BioPathways is organized by the BioPathways Consortium, an open forum to fostering computational approaches to the modelling, reconstruction, analysis, and simulation of biological networks. This year’s meeting will include three plenary sessions, with respective focuses on: (1) continuous models for pathways representation, (2) pathways reconstruction, and (3) experiment design driven by pathways models (“systems biology” approaches). An industry session will feature presentations of applied work in industrial settings. Each session will include several long presentations (45 minutes), followed by a panel discussion. One of the aims of this year’s meeting is to promote interaction between the physics and engineering communities, and the computer science and biology communities.

Text-Mining: August 2 (9:00-17:00) Westin Hotel
This text-mining meeting has two purposes. The first is to bring together researchers developing text data mining tools and related language processing methods to manage the information explosion in the biomedical field. This part of the meeting will include invited and contributed papers, with a focus on developing shared infrastructure (tools, corpora, ontologies) and challenge evaluations, in the style of the KDD Challenge Cups (KDD Cup 2002). The second part of the meeting will be a discussion focusing on the establishment of a formal SIG for text data mining.

Special Interest Group for Biological Simulation (SIGSIM02): August 3 (9:00-17:00) Shaw Conference Centre
The construction of computer-made cell models and the conduction of “in silico experiments” may become one of the most important paradigms of biology in this century. SIGSIM is a group of scientists whose interests are in simulation technologies, computer modeling of biological processes, metabolome analysis and systems biology. This year, SIGSIM will host SIGSIM02: Workshop on Computer Modeling of Cellular Processes. Workshop secretariat: sigsim02@jtbcom.co.jp

Bio-ontologies: August 8 (9:00-17:00) Westin Hotel
The fifth annual Bio-Ontologies meeting will be held the day after ISMB. Recent meetings have been well-attended and lively affairs. This year’s theme is a Semantic Web of Bioinformatics Resources, mirroring the push by the W3C on the Semantic Web. With the current interest in bio-ontologies for marking up knowledge content of our resources, together with the interest in E-Science, our community is well placed to exploit the ideas of the Semantic Web. All bio-ontology activity should be able to fit within this theme. the meeting details and call for abstracts may be found at img.cs.man.ac.uk/stevens/meeting02. Additional information may be requested by emailing robert.stevens@cs.man.ac.uk.

Workshop on Education in Bioinformatics (WEB02): August 8 (9:00-17:00) Westin Hotel
The second annual WEB02 will cover topics in Bioinformatics Education including curriculum development, infrastructure and resource support and strategies for program initiation and development. There is also a new session on industry needs. In addition to short oral and poster presentation sessions, the workshop will attempt to define a curriculum for bioinformatics at the under-graduate and post-graduate levels. Abstracts are due June 21, 2002. WEB02 invites faculty, students, staff, administrators, and officials in government and industry to participate in this discussion. surya.bic.nus.edu.sg/web02/