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Register Now for ISMB 2002: www.ismb02.org/regis.htm

ISMB 2002 Registration Now Open
Save US$100 by registering by June 28, 2002. Note: previous ISMB conferences have sold out one week after the early registration date.

Registration Fees
The conference fees include all scientific sessions, poster session, exhibit hall entrance, breakfasts, lunches, receptions, and one copy of the ISMB 2002 proceedings.

On or Before June 28, 2002
Academia: US$415 (ISCB members)
US$480 (Non-ISCB members)

Student: US$300 (ISCB members)
US$350 (Non-ISCB members)

Corporate: US$650 (ISCB members)
US$715 (Non-ISCB members)

After June 28, 2002
Academia: US$515 (ISCB members)
US$580 (Non-ISCB members)

Student: US$400 (ISCB members)
US$450 (Non-ISCB members)

Corporate: US$750 (ISCB members)
US$815 (Non-ISCB members)

ISMB Registration
Phone: +1-847-518-1708
Fax: +1-847-518-0735

Tutorial Sessions (August 3, 2002)
Individuals may register for one or two optional tutorials. There will be maximum seven (7) concurrent sessions in the morning and eight (8) maximum concurrent sessions in the afternoon. Please note: Tutorials may only accommodate a limited number of participants, consequently, some tutorials may sell out. It is recommended that participants sign up as soon as possible.

Price for one tutorial: US$85
Price for two tutorials: US$130

For more information about the ISMB 2002 tutorials, visit www.ismb02.org/tutorial.htm.

Morning Tutorials (8:30-12:30)

  • Introduction to Perl Programming for Bioinformatics. Instructor: James Tisdall
  • Introduction to Computational Sequence Analysis. Instructor: Frédérique Galisson
  • Molecular Modeling: Building a 3-D Protein Structure from Its Sequence. Instructor: Shoba Ranganathan
  • DNA Microarrays and Gene Regulation. Instructor: Pierre Baldi
  • Relational Databases for Biologists. Instructors: Aaron Mackey and William R. Pearson
  • A Primer on Metabolic Pathway Analysis. Instructor: Eberhard O. Voit
  • Information Extraction from Biomedical Literature. Instructor: Dietrich Schuhmann, et. al.

Afternoon Tutorials (13:30-17:30)

  • Perl and Bioperl: Tools for Automated Analysis of Biological Sequence Data. Instructor: Peter Schattner
  • Pattern Discovery in Biosequences. Instructor: Stefano Lonardi
  • Protein Classification and Meta-organization. Methods for Global Organization of the Protein Universe. Instructor: Golan Yona
  • In silico Analysis of Gene Regulatory Sequences. Towards Target Gene Identification. Instructors: Alexander Kel and Edgar Wingender
  • Functional Genomics in 4 Hours: A Practical Guide to Creating Your Own High-Throughput Pipeline. Instructors: Atul Butte and Isaac Kohane
  • Heterogeneous Data and Algorithm Integration in Bioinformatics. Instructors: Barbara Eckman, Julia Rice, and William Swope
  • Modelling Biological Data in Hierarchies. Instructors: Graham Kemp and Peter Gray
  • Comparative Genomics. Instructor: David Sankoff