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ISMB 2002: Job Fair

Top Companies! Hot Jobs! Live Interviews! Great Career Content!
The ISMB 2002 Job Fair is designed to benefit employers looking for top talent as well as students and professionals seeking a job. The Job Fair will be held on Sunday August 04 from 10:00 – 14:00 at the Shaw Conference Centre.
ISMB attracts the world’s leading industry authorities in bioinformatics as well as students and professionals with exceptional talent, innovation, and future potential in the field.

The Job Fair at ISMB 2002 is designed to facilitate productive connections between company representatives and job seekers. Industry members will be able to meet individuals with competencies that are applicable to their organizations. In addition, rooms will be available for companies to interview potential candidates. Job seekers will have an unparalleled opportunity to meet industry members from leading companies who will all be in one place at one time.

How it all works…

Companies who sign up for the Job Fair will receive a listing in the conference program with their company name and contact, one six foot draped table to display company collateral materials and two chairs.

Participating companies will also have access to the on-line Job Fair to list their job openings on the ISMB 2002 website. This gives participating companies a link on the website that takes viewers directly to their respective website. The ISMB 2002 website receives up to 1000 hits per day and serves as an excellent resource to reach a highly skilled pool of potential employees.

Companies may also book time blocks at the conference for private interview rooms for any meetings they need to conduct including interviews. Company representatives may contact candidates directly through the resume postings on ISMB’s website (www.ismb02.org/jobfair2.htm) or onsite at the Job Fair.

The fee for corporate participation in the Job Fair is US$500. To sign up for the Job Fair visit: www.ismb02.org/jobfair.htm

Prior to the conference, job seekers may post links to their resume on the ISMB 2002 website (www.ismb02.org). Potential employers are encouraged to contact candidates directly to schedule an interview. For resume posting instructions, please visit the ISMB 2002 resume submissions page (www.ismb02.org/resumesub.htm).

Please contact employers directly using the job postings on the ISMB 2002 website (www.ismb02.org/jobfair2.htm). Monitor the job postings page frequently, as new jobs will be added until the commencement of ISMB 2002. Please note: It will be possible to contact corporate representatives onsite at the Job Fair.

Job seekers should attend the Job Fair recruitment event on Sunday, August 4 from 10:00-14:00. Candidates—who are encouraged to bring multiple copies of their resumes—may informally meet with company representatives and sign up for interviews if appropriate. Job seekers may also have a chance to receive additional information about many leading companies in the field of bioinformatics.

There is no fee for candidates who wish to participate in the Job Fair. For additional information, please contact the Job Fair coordinator, Karim Sayani (karim@bioalberta.com).