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A Note from ISCB President: Phil Bourne

This newsletter is packed with information on the ISMB2002 conference. With over 200 paper submissions and over 500 poster submissions, the conference promises to be a scientific feast. On behalf of the ISCB’s Directors, staff, and membership, I would like to thank the organizing committee, local organizing committee, and program committee for their hard work preparing for the conference. Having co-chaired ISMB 2000, I know how much effort must be directed away from research and teaching to make ISMB happen. Thank you.

In the previous newsletter, the Society’s history was discussed (www.iscb.org/newsletter5-1/history.html). The article describes how the Society began as a means to manage the ISMB meeting. ISCB now plays many more roles to support our science worldwide. Since I suspect many members are unaware of how these roles are carried out, let me elaborate a little here. This is particularly timely information, as ISCB is actively seeking nominations from interested scientists to volunteer their time, help run the Society, and make a difference to our science.

The Society consists of an Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Society staff. Not shown, are the individual committees which can be found at www.iscb.org/committees.shtml. The Executive Committee holds a monthly teleconference to discuss issues important to the development and dissemination of bioinformatics. Issues arise from recommendations made by the Society’s committees, Board of Directors, and membership at large. Important issues are defined as motions and are discussed by the Board of Directors on a bi-monthly teleconference. Motions that pass are enacted by the Executive Committee which also serves as an oversight body for the Society office and staff. I meet with the Society staff once a week and am continuously in contact via email to track progress and to help as needed.

Much of the work for the Society is done in committees; members are encouraged to contact committee chairs or to join committees to actively share their ideas with the entire Society. Members who wish become more officially involved may seek nomination to the Board or Executive Committee by writing to nominations@iscb.org. Board members are elected by the existing Board for a three year term, whereas Executive Committee members are elected for two years by the membership.

With elections occurring in the fall; now is the time to step forward and become involved. ISCB is particularly interested in involving young scientists and those from regions of the globe where bioinformatics is emerging. I am be happy to address questions members have about becoming involved either now by email (admin@sdsc.edu) or in person at ISMB 2002.

(clockwise from the far left): Josh Polterock, Cassie Ferguson, BJ Morrison McKay, Stephanie Hagstrom, Jennifer Matthews, Tracy Zhao, Chris Smith, Phil Bourne, (not pictured: Kim Baldridge)