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ISMB Best Paper Award by SGI

The ISMB Best Paper Award by SGI will be presented to an outstanding paper submitted to ISMB 2002. The finalists are:

  • Pier Luigi Martelli, Piero Fariselli, Anders Krogh, Rita Casadio: A sequence profile based HMM for predicting and discriminating beta barrel membrane proteins
  • Daniel Fasulo, Aaron Halpern, Ian Dew, Clark Mobarry: Efficiently Detecting Polymorphisms During The Fragment Assembly Process
  • Gianluca Pollastri, Pierre Baldi: Prediction of Contact Maps by Recurrent Neural Network Architectures and Hidden Context Propagation From All Four Cardinal Corners

Initial nominations were provided by the program committee and senior reviewers for the conference. The three finalists were chosen by the committee’s co-chairs after reviewing all nominations. The winner will be selected by a subset of the senior review committee based on the written paper as well as oral presentation at the conference. The award will be presented after the final session of ISMB.