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Award Winners

Ian Lawson Van Toch Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Paper
F1000 Poster Award
RCSB PDB Poster Prize
Art & Science Award

Ian Lawson Van Toch Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Paper

Rani Powers, University of Colorado, United States
GSEA-InContext: Identifying novel and common patterns in expression experiments

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F1000 Poster Awards


Linhua Wang, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, United States
Large-scale assessment of protein function prediction using heterogeneous ensembles

Bhanwar Lal Puniya, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, United States
Systems modeling of phenotypic plasticity of CD4+ T cell differentiation

ISCB-SC Education and Internships Committee
The Bioinformatics Internship Program: An Initiative of The ISCB Student Council

Sabrina Nusrat, Harvard Medical School, United States
Visualization of Longitudinal Cancer Genomics Data

Soo Bin Kwon, University of California, Los Angeles, United States
Learning a human-mouse functional genomics conservation score

Shreyas Ramesh, Virginia Tech, United States
The Learnability of Taxonomic Divisions

RCSB and PDB Poster Prize

Fergus Boyles, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Learning from the ligand: improving binding affinity prediction using molecular descriptors

Art & Science Award

Ruth Callaway, Swansea University, Biosciences, United Kingdom
Mondrian‘s Sum of Squares
Alaa Abi Haidar, University of Pierre and Marie Curie
Marwan Abdellah, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
In Silico Brainbow