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Conference Chairs

Honorary Chair

David Sankoff David Sankoff

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Ottawa, Canada

David Sankoff holds the Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Genomics in the Mathematics and Statistics Department at the University of Ottawa. His main research interest is comparative genomics, particularly probability models, statistics and algorithms for genome rearrangements and polyploidy.



Conference Co-chair

Francis Ouellette B.F. Francis Ouellette

Scientific Director, Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops
Montreal, Canada

Francis Ouellette is the CEO of Origin Bioinformatics and an associate professor at University of Toronto, Department of Cell and Systems Biology. Francis’s research focuses on system biology approaches to better under stand the biology of cancer cells. He has serves on the ISCB education committee, was a steering committee member of the GLBIO conference held in Toronto. He is a long time trainer and scientific director of the Canadian Bioinformatics Workshops, hosted at bioinformatics.ca, and currently the PLOS computational Biology Education editor.


Conference Co-chair

Shoshana Wodak Shoshana Wodak

VIB‐VUB Center for Structural Biology
Brussels, Belgium

Dr. Shoshana J. Wodak obtained her PhD degree from Columbia University, New York, USA. She was Professor and Director of the Centre for Structural Biology and Bioinformatics, at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, and a Group Leader at the European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge UK, before joining the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, in 2004. She currently occupies there the post of Scientific Director of the Center for Computational Biology and Senior Scientist in the Structural Biology Program. She also is a Tier I Canada Research Chair in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and Professor at the Departments of Biochemistry and of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. Dr. Wodak gained recognition for her pioneering work on many computational methods for the analysis, prediction and simulations of protein structures and protein interactions. More recently she has been developing advanced database tools for the representation and analysis of protein-protein interaction networks and biochemical pathways, as well as computational methods for protein design and the analysis of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions.