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Exhibitor Floor Plan ISMB/ECCB 2017

ISCB is a scholarly society representing computational biology and bioinformatics worldwide. Serving over 3,000 researchers dedicated to advancing the scientific understanding of living systems through computation, ISCB:

  • Provides access to the latest discoveries, information, and training in the field
  • Delivers valuable networking opportunities to the scientific community to promote collaboration and advancement
  • Offers affordable platforms to present your latest research discoveries and interact with other researchers
  • Is the home and community for all researchers working in the field of computational biology

ISCB is the host of ISMB (Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology),the world's longest running and largest conference dedicated to computational biology and bioinformatics.

Floor Plan


Booth Exhibitor Booth Exhibitor
1 CRC/Taylor & Francis Group 2 European Bioinformatics Institute
3 BioExcel 4 Oxford University Press
5 Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics 6 F1000Research
7 The Royal Society 8 BD2K
9 Overleaf 10 sbv IMPROVER
11 DNAStack 12 European Research Council
13 International Society for Computational Biology 14 Cambridge University Press
15 GOBLET 16 PLOS: Public Library of Science
17 NDEx 18 ISCB-Student Council
19 University of California, San Diego 20The Hyve
21 Elsevier 22 ENPICOM


Booth Recruiter Booth Recruiter
R1 St. Jude R2 The Jackson Laboratory
R3 R4
R5 R6